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Steam Engines (10:50)


The steam engine led to the industrial revolution in the United States by making possible mass manufacturing and faster national travel; the world's first steam engine was built by the Greek scientist Hero of Alexandria. George Corliss invented the governor system which made steam engines run smoothly and allowed for their use in textile mills; steam turbines are the only steam engine still widely used today.

Engines vs. Motors (10:24)

Electric motors are still commonly used today; these motors are powered by electromagnetic fields created by the inter-workings of the motor itself. Michael Faraday created the DC (direct current) motor, while Nikola Tesla created the AC (alternating current) motor. Electric motors revolutionized the world of transportation making travel more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Modern Transportation (06:07)

The internal combustion engine changed the world of transportation thanks to inventor Etienne Lenoir who first developed it to pump water out of coal mines. Rudolf Diesel is the creator of the diesel engine, which performs like an internal combustion engine but without spark plugs. Gasoline and diesel engines changed American auto manufacturing and global warfare; Felix Wankel is responsible for the first rotary engine which reduced vibrations.

Jets, Rockets, and Microtech (10:05)

Gas turbines throw exhaust gasses out of the rear of the machine to provide thrust needed to propel the vehicle forward. Rockets are similar to jets, but they carry their supply of air for combustion, making them suited for space travel. Microtechnology is a fast-growing technology which is the miniaturization of common mechanical parts and elements

Hybrid Cars (04:19)

The future of automotive technology is cars that use electric and gasoline engines, reducing emissions, these cars are known as hybrid vehicles. BMW created the first automobile that could run on gasoline or hydrogen, making it much more environmentally friendly.

Credits: Engines (01:11)

Credits: Engines

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