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Plumbing in Skyscrapers (08:29)


In the new California Department of Transportation located in downtown Los Angeles, plumbers from the Scott Company must carefully plan the plumbing systems within the large office complex. Automatic faucets and low flow toilets help conserve natural resources. The One Bryant Park building in New York has been carefully designed to be the greenest skyscraper in the world using the grey water system.

Funding Skyscraper Projects (05:40)

The public water supply is one of the great civil engineering triumphs of the nineteenth century, and the Tremont House in Boston was the first American hotel with indoor plumbing. Clark Construction steps in to ensure the CalTrans project is completed on time despite a lack of funding from the Scott Company.

Installing Electricity (09:45)

In skyscrapers, the electrical circuitry begins in the electrical vault located beneath the infrastructure of the building; on the Department of Water and Power has access to the vault of the CalTrans project. Dielectric installs the electrical equipment, conduit, wiring, and lighting all fed by the vault.

Natural Lighting (06:46)

Lighting in office buildings and homes was entirely provided by natural sunlight which influenced the design of the building. Chicago architects designed central courtyards which allow light into the center of the structure. Thomas Edison's invention of the electric light bulb changed the world of architectural design; Edison modified his bulb to use electricity powered by his fourth street plant, the nation's first commercial electrical generating station.

Leadership in Construction (03:04)

The on-sight superintendent of the CalTrans project, Clive Saundie's, is responsible for ensuring the construction projects runs smoothly and is completed on time. Saundie ensures all the different teams work together to meet the deadlines and codes.

Data Centers and Project Completion (08:41)

Contra Costa Electric installs the phone lines and data locations within the building through a complex web of cables and computer and phone stations. The California Department of General Services sends a liaison between CalTrans, the general contractor, and other units involved in the construction.

Credits: The Arteries (00:32)

Credits: The Arteries

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For two years, we have followed the construction of the new California Department of Transportation headquarters in LA to learn the architectural, structural, and mechanical challenges of building mega-skyscrapers.

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