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Creating Weapons (03:15)


Military experts believe there is a connection between human biology and warfare. Traditional hunters of the Stone Age track and kill animals for food; researchers discuss how human methods of killing have changed.

Chemical Weaponry (04:45)

A traditional alchemist in Imperial China invents gunpowder, changing the course of military history. The natural process behind the creation of potassium nitrate used in gunpowder requires the proper amount of moisture, sunlight, and time.

Armed and Dangerous (06:59)

Primate ancestors are forced from trees and begin walking upright, freeing their hands and causing an evolutionary change which allows them to throw projectiles. Yew trees are the source of weapons such as longbows.

The Shot Heard Round the World (04:18)

During the Middle Ages, the longbow becomes the world's first weapon of mass destruction; many skilled archers die of the plague. The invention of the gun utilizes gunpowder and can be used by anyone.

Credits: World of Weapons (00:32)

Credits: World of Weapons

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World of Weapons

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Humans have small teeth and no claws or armor, so how do we project our power? Warfare has defined traditional history, but Big History digs deeper to reveal how it all began.

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