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A Secret Map of the World (04:19)


The Erie Canal was designed mainly to transport salt; trade exploded between the Hudson River and the Great Lakes. Ancient Rome's Via Salaria was built to transport salt. Many of the towns in England ending in "wich" were salt making towns.

Salt of the Earth (02:37)

Salt deposits from prehistoric oceans folded into the Earth's shifting crust and were buried deep underground. Man's earliest societies were built next to large sources of water and salt.

Salt and Evolution (05:55)

Some historians believe roads, cities, and maps were created by the influence of salt. Without salt, humanity would not have been able to evolve and thrive.

Great Wall of China (02:27)

The Chinese Emperor taxed the nation's salt resources to pay for the world's largest fortification. Salt taxes around the globe were responsible for several revolutionary uprisings, including the French Revolution.

The Superpower of Salt (04:32)

Egyptians preserved the bodies of the dead to ensure the corpse would not rot and their souls would make it to the afterlife. Mineral salt can preserve food and create mummies.

Credits: The Superpower of Salt (00:31)

Credits: The Superpower of Salt

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The Superpower of Salt

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We all know that mankind can't live without air, food, and water...the same is true of salt. The salt on your table is a key to unlocking the story of our planet and the cosmos. Big History reveals how this simple molecule underpins our civilization.

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