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It's About Time (03:46)


If calendars are not in sync with the sun, farmers will not know when to awake or when to plant or harvest their crops. Learn about many ruins which were used as temples and calendars by ancient civilizations. (Credits)

On the Clock (04:11)

Proteins within all human cells run on a twenty-four house cycle sending timed signals to the body in rhythm with the suns solar rays. The circadian rhythm is the human's natural system, which controls the timing of all cells in the human body.

As the World Turns (02:14)

Learn about how the different planets within the same solar system as earth measure their days and years differently than our planet.

See the Light (05:09)

Learn how the vision of some animals, such as hawks, is drastically different than the vision of humans due to their diverse biological needs. Humans inherited the full-color daylight vision from their primate ancestors.

Spin Cycles (04:31)

Learn about what the universe was like before the Earth's sun came into being and how the star pumping solar energy onto our planet was created along with the planets. The Earth has never stopped spinning from its creation; the two spins which affect life on earth are its orbit around the sun and its twenty-four-hour spin cycle.

Credits: The Sun (00:32)

Credits: The Sun

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The Sun

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The Sun is our master and creator. It gives us our perception of time, controls our reality, and powers our lives. Big History sheds new light on our nearest star, revealing that ancient sun worship intersects with science.

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