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Information Overload (07:46)


By 2014, phones will outnumber people. Humans have a limit on short-term memory; working memory has changed little since pre-history. Bell Laboratories updated the rotary dial to a dial pad.

Ride the Wave (07:50)

Off of the coast of Italy, a passenger cruise ship struck a rock and began to sink. Operators used a wireless radio to send out distress signals. The human voice projects through electromagnetism

It Takes a Planet (04:17)

Cellphones require a variety of raw materials including silicon, crude oil, cobalt, and copper; all cellphones need an energy reserve. Tantalum is crucial in modern technology.

Credits: Pocket Time Machine (00:33)

Credits: Pocket Time Machine

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How does the cellphone in your pocket link to the Big Bang, the evolution of human memory, and even the Titanic disaster? Big History reveals how cosmic forces conspired to give us the tool that has revolutionized the planet.

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