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Great Divide (06:22)


In the United States, settlers began traveling to the West Coast in search of new opportunities. The Donner Party resorted to cannibalism under the harsh conditions of the journey. Mountains are connected to human-kind's global migration patterns.

Global Politics (02:00)

The Balkan mountains divide people by ethnicity and religion and lead to conflict. The Appalachians led to the establishment of independent clans.

Nature's Bulldozer (04:48)

Otzi the iceman is the victim of one of the earliest known murders. Throughout history, people have flocked to the mountains to gather minerals and metals. Mountains are resource of energy for modern humanity.

The Rainmakers (01:58)

Height and gravity work together to form water towers. Mountains create weather.

Plate Tectonics (04:22)

The HMS Challenger located the Mid-Atlantic Ridge while plotting the underwater route for the world's first trans-Atlantic telegraph. Mountains regulate weather; Earth would be uninhabitable without them.

Credits: Mountain Machines (00:31)

Credits: Mountain Machines

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They form natural boundaries, dictate how we spread around the planet, create natural defenses, and control our weather.

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