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Carry the Weight (05:20)


Water is a common, but extremely powerful substance that has formed the Earth's surface through erosion. Controlling water's power is important to survival on Earth. Water molecules stick to each other, which allows objects to float.

Oceans Apart (03:37)

Early civilizations developed in isolation because of the vast distances of water between them. Each civilization developed different tools for sea navigation. Successful ocean navigation led to the spread of colonialism.

What Goes Up (05:58)

As the continents broke apart, mountains formed and water atop them morphed into snow and fog. Water is the only substance on Earth that appears naturally as a liquid, gas, and solid. Gravity causes water to flow downhill, creating power that can be used for energy.

Indoor Plumbing (05:10)

Organisms need to circulate and clean water to survive. The need for cities to do the same to keep residents health led to the development of sewer systems.

Credits: H2O (00:31)

Credits: H2O

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Water is the miracle molecule, and mankind has used its perfect properties to revolutionize our lives. It was our first superhighway, the lifeblood of civilization, and gives us 90% of all the power we use today.

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