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Secret Codes (02:02)


The Nazis used a machine called enigma to encode messages during World War II. The code was eventually broken by British intelligence.

The Meaning of Life (03:01)

All animals can code and decode messages, but human communication is much more complex. The ability to learn and communicate can be traced back to prehistoric organisms.

Sound System (08:02)

The ability for humans to understand and communicate thoughts about the future separated them from other species. The limits of the human memory created means of record keeping and writing. Humans created machines to encode writing beyond what they are capable of decoding.

Colossus (02:02)

After the Nazis used binary code to encrypt messages, British intelligence created a machine to read binary code. Binary led to the development of a digital civilization.

Universal Code (04:49)

Viruses operate using codes that provide orders, similar to how computers use binary code. Computer viruses also use the same concept.

Credits: Decoded (00:30)

Credits: Decoded

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Secret codes run the world. The code of life, DNA, is the operating system for all organisms, which spawned intelligent life like us who eventually created codes of our own--language that allows us to talk and the alphabet that lets us write.

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