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Meteors (02:39)


The Civil War was the first time iron ships, called ironclads, battled against each other. Cannonballs, like meteors, cause large amounts of destruction on impact. The Chesapeake Bay was formed in an impact crater of a meteor.

The Center of it All (03:00)

The Chesapeake Bay was an important spot for the development of the American colonies. Key battles took place alongside the bay in the American Revolution, War of 1812, and the Civil War.

The Snowball Effect (02:23)

After the Big Bang, space debris came together to form space rocks and then planets. Violent impacts from meteors helped form the Earth's surface.

The Sky Is Falling (04:12)

Some meteor impacts are so powerful that they change the Earth's chemistry. Impacts and the explosion can create diamonds or oil. Meteors brought metals, such as iron, to the Earth's surface.

Down to Earth (05:30)

Meteors brought water to the Earth's surface, which formed the oceans. It is thought the first life on Earth was from a microbe transported by a meteor.

What Goes Around Comes Around (02:08)

The meteor that killed the dinosaurs allowed for humans to develop and became the dominate species on Earth. Asteroids can be tracked in space but comets are much harder to detect.

Credits: Deadly Meteors (00:30)

Credits: Deadly Meteors

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Impacts from space have created our planet and just about everything in it. Like celestial supply ships, they brought in water, metal, and maybe even life.

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