Titles in this Series

Looking at Abnormal Behavior

Item #: 160469

Nature of Stress

Item #: 160470

Anxiety Disorders

Item #: 160471

Psychological Factors and Physical Illness

Item #: 160472

Personality Disorders

Item #: 160473

Substance Abuse Disorders

Item #: 160474

Sexual Disorders

Item #: 160475

Mood Disorders

Item #: 160476


Item #: 160477

Organic Mental Disorders

Item #: 160478

Behavior Disorders of Childhood

Item #: 160479


Item #: 160480

Ounce of Prevention

Item #: 160481

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See how people with diagnosed psychological disorders actually behave. Case studies, enriched with commentary from experts, help demystify the biological, psychological, and environmental causes of dysfunctional behavior. The series explores current theory and practice in the treatment of the mentally ill, covering the multiple approaches that prevail in the field today. This series is also valuable for teachers seeking to review the subject matter.

Length: 780 minutes

Item#: BVL160468

Copyright date: ©1992

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