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Field of Genetic Engineering (09:16)


Scientists are using biotechnology to change the genetics of plant and animal species. Genetic engineering has been used to make more productive corn corps. Some types of corn seeds have been made to repel insects and larva.

Nutritional Improvements (05:00)

Some biotechnology is used to make food, like rice, have a higher nutritional value. The Rockefeller Foundation funded research to activate enzymes in rice plants.

Opposition to Biotechnology (06:25)

Many people feel biotechnology will have harmful effects in the future and biotech companies are putting profits over safety. Corn and soybeans are the most heavily genetic engineered corps and appear in most processed foods.

Transgenic Animals (05:50)

Transgenic animals are animals that have been implanted with foreign genes. Human genes have been implanted in goats to improve their milk production. The goats produce milk that includes the human protein antithrombin III.

Credits: Genetically Modified Organisms (01:12)

Credits: Genetically Modified Organisms

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Genetically Modified Organisms

Part of the Series : Rediscovering Biology: Molecular to Global Perspectives
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While genetic modification of organisms has occurred for millennia, we now have the tools to insert specific genes from one organism into cells of unrelated species. This session illustrates the processes used to insert specific genes from one organism into cells of unrelated species and how such genetically transformed organisms are increasingly common in agriculture, industry, and medicine, and introduces the ethical considerations of GMO research.

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