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Field of Neuroscience (07:13)


The field of neuroscience expanded rapidly in the 1990s. Using new technology, researchers are studying neurons to better understand neural transmission. Neural transmissions are constantly changing.

Learning and Memory (06:22)

The brain learns by communication between neurons, which form physical synaptic connections. Researchers are studying synaptic plasticity to learn more about memory.

Neural Responses (06:28)

Researchers are studying the electrical responses of neurons on the endogenous reward pathway, which is important to human survival. They are testing how dopamine receptors respond to different chemical stimuli to better understand addiction.

New Adult Neurons (06:21)

Scientists used to believe no new neurons developed in adults. But, advancements in microscopy led to the discovery of new neurons developing in the adult brain. Researchers are working to see if enhanced environments increase neuron development.

Credits: Neurobiology (01:21)

Credits: Neurobiology

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Neurons' electrical activity results in the release of neurotransmitters that account for everything from survival to addiction to learning and memory. This session explains how neurons communicate to achieve all these functions.

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