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Molecular Genetics (08:12)


Technological improvements have advanced the field of molecular genetics. Researchers are able to study and compare the evolution and function of genes in different organisms.

Embryonic Development (07:48)

Cell signaling is when one cell sends a message to another, which activates genetic material that progresses development. A lab is Oregon is study neuron development in zebra fish embryos. Outside factors, such as diet, can disrupt embryonic development.

Genetic Toolkit (05:20)

The same basic genes are used for development in numerous organisms. The knowledge allows researchers to control the tools of development for therapeutic reasons. Embryonic and adult stem cells serve different functions in research and treatment.

Stem Cell Research (05:12)

Stem cells can be used to create replacement cells that have been damaged. Governmental regulations and public opinion has affected embryonic stem cell research.

Credits: Genetics of Development (01:12)

Credits: Genetics of Development

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Genetics of Development

Part of the Series : Rediscovering Biology: Molecular to Global Perspectives
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Organisms as different as flies, fish, and humans share a set of genes, known as a genetic toolkit, which guides development. This session presents new perspectives on the remarkable similarity in these molecules and processes and the ethical questions involved in this research.

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