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Fighting Infectious Diseases (03:23)


Rapid urbanization and globalization has helped the spread of bacteria that causes infectious diseases. Microbes can evolve and create defenses against antibiotics.

Antibiotic Resistance (05:24)

A doctor in Pittsburgh conducted a longitude study of how strep throat affected students at an elementary school. The bacteria developed resistance to antibiotics, which many doctors say are overused.

The Influenza Virus (03:34)

The influenza virus is constantly evolving and can infect numerous species. The HA protein in the virus fuses with a cell and infects it.

Malaria (07:20)

Changing weather patterns and resistance to drugs has led to a spread in Malaria. The disease is transmitted by mosquitoes carrying a parasite called sporozoite. Malaria is one of the oldest recorded diseases, but there is no cure.

Biocomplexity (06:50)

Biocomplexity is an integrated approach to fighting diseases, which looks at and considers all factors. Marine microbiologist Rita Caldwell developed the idea while researching cholera epidemics in Bangladesh.

Credits: Emerging Infectious Diseases (01:13)

Credits: Emerging Infectious Diseases

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Emerging Infectious Diseases

Part of the Series : Rediscovering Biology: Molecular to Global Perspectives
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New diseases arise and old diseases, such as malaria and influenza, are returning with renewed vigor. This session studies the complex causes and far-reaching impacts of emerging infectious diseases around the globe.

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