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Microbial Discovery (10:45)


Advancements in research techniques have led to more microbial discoveries. There are more than 5,000 known species of microbes. A microbial ecologist is studying hydro-thermal springs to better understand the earliest life on Earth.

Biofilm (07:25)

Biofilms can form on almost any surface and act like a multicellular organism. Using new technology, researchers can grow and study biofilms and their life cycles.

Bioleaching (08:21)

Bioleaching uses microorganisms to extract metals from ore, which is frequently used in the mining industry. A researcher is testing ways to make the process more efficient. A similar process is used to clean wastewater from mining operations.

Credits: Microbial Diversity (01:12)

Credits: Microbial Diversity

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Microbial Diversity

Part of the Series : Rediscovering Biology: Molecular to Global Perspectives
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Microbial diversity far surpasses all other diversity on the planet. This session examines recent studies of microbes including extremophiles, the comparisons of Bacteria and Archaea, and the formation and life cycle of biofilms.

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