Titles in this Series


Item #: 160441

Proteins and Proteomics

Item #: 160442

Evolution and Phylogenetics

Item #: 160443

Microbial Diversity

Item #: 160444

Emerging Infectious Diseases

Item #: 160445


Item #: 160446

Genetics of Development

Item #: 160447

Cell Biology and Cancer

Item #: 160448

Human Evolution

Item #: 160449


Item #: 160450

Biology of Sex and Gender

Item #: 160451


Item #: 160452

Genetically Modified Organisms

Item #: 160453

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Great advances have been made in the field of biology in recent decades that will continue to have a major impact on our lives. Rediscovering Biology: Molecular to Global Perspectives explains these developments for teachers of high school biology to update their content knowledge and understanding. The multimedia course materials — video, online text, interactive Web activities, and course guide — will help new and veteran biology teachers become familiar with current research methods and tools that will lead to new discoveries in the coming decades. Thirteen half-hour video programs feature interviews with expert scientists involved in groundbreaking research, such as Eric Lander of the MIT Genomics Center and Rita Colwell, director of the National Science Foundation. Detailed animations provide a micro-level view of biological processes and techniques such as mass spectrometry and microarray analysis.

Length: 390 minutes

Item#: BVL160440

Copyright date: ©2003

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