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Gaming Icon (04:42)


Japan is a tech innovator and Nintendo is one of the most popular gaming brands. Isao Yamazaki displays his Nintendo collection. Motoi Okamoto liked Nintendo's philosophy and became a game director.

Nintendo Origins (06:37)

The company's history dates back over 100 years; it began diversifying in the 1960s. Gunpei Yokoi became one of the first game designers. The number of console makers and titles flooded the home market in the1980s and Nintendo became the worldwide market leader.

Game Console Rivalry (03:03)

The launch of Sega in the late 1980s, threatened Nintendo's success. Commercials compared the two gaming consoles; Nintendo's was technically inferior. Its market share plummeted to 35%.

Virtual Boy (04:01)

Nintendo chose to focus on games while Sony and Sega focused on high quality graphics. The company stuck with the cartridge system, but introduced the world's first virtual reality console. It was not liked by critics or the public.

More Competition (04:04)

Game designer Gunpei Yokoi died in 1997. Sony and Microsoft entered the gaming market a few years later. Nintendo rushed the release of games in an attempt to keep up with the market and research and development were divided.

The Wii (08:03)

In the early 2000s, Sega left the console industry. The market was dominated by the Sony PlayStation; Nintendo was third place in sales. The creative team spent four years researching interactive game play and the new console prototype was introduced at E3 in 2005. It was intended to appeal to the whole family.

Pokémon Go (06:55)

Founder of Game Start Asia Elicia Lee and Dr. Vivian Chen explain why video games are so popular. Nintendo has made a strong comeback with this game that can be played on smartphones. Super Mario Run can be found on Apple's App Store.

Future of Nintendo (05:58)

Nintendo is working on a new console to be released in 2017. The Nintendo Switch is a mobile device. The company is researching augmented and virtual reality, but there are many obstacles.

Credits: Nintendo (00:43)

Credits: Nintendo

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From Super Mario to Donkey Kong, Nintendo was a game changer. But with the industry's dramatic advancements, this iconic juggernaut was hit with a series of flops. Inside The Storm: Back from the Brink interviews ex-employees and game experts, revealing the secret to Nintendo's survival.

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