Segments in this Video

"Kodak Moments" (02:18)


People are taking more photographs than ever before; hear definitions of the Kodak catch phrase. Kodak began in 1880, pioneering photography for the masses.

Kodak in the 1990s (03:48)

At its peak, the company controlled 80% of the U.S. film market and employed 145,000 people worldwide. Don Strickland and his team created the first consumer digital camera.

Kodak Innovation and Marketing (06:18)

Experts discuss Kodak's business model and platform. George Eastman made photography mobile. Marketing was extensive and changed behaviors; the company created the Kodak Moment.

Technology and Change (05:06)

Strickland saw the potential of consumer digital cameras and secretly developed one in Japan. A marketing VP discovered the secret in 1992 and Strickland was forced to give a board presentation; hear Kodak's history with digital cameras.

Digital Photography (05:09)

Strickland recalls executive questions during his digital presentation. Kodak ignored the disruptive technology and launched the photo CD. Strickland left Kodak for Apple and launched the Apple QuickTake 100.

Assumptions of Success (02:10)

Kodak focused on the Chinese market but did not realize consumers would skip film and go straight to digital technologies.

Technology Topples Kodak (03:37)

Kodak foretold the smartphone but missed the opportunity. Smartphones significantly impacted digital camera markets. Social media allows users to share photos quickly.

Art of Photography (02:25)

Film is the province of enthusiasts. Rachel Lim uses her smart phone to take pictures in addition to her camera.

Beleaguered Company (04:10)

Kodak failed to look outside the company and struggled to compete with smart phones. It sold intellectual properties in 2011 and filed bankruptcy in 2012.

Kodak's Future and Comparison (07:03)

The digital revolution destroyed Kodak's original model but it evolved into two businesses. Experts consider if Kodak's decline was inevitable and compare it to Fujifilm and Apple.

Digital Revolution (04:44)

Prof. Antonia Monteiro compares businesses coping with altered circumstances to nature. Kodak's legacy endures; Lim develops images in her dark room. Kodak Moments continue.

Credits: Kodak (00:25)

Credits: Kodak

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It was a household brand with profits in the millions, but in 2005 Kodak filed for bankruptcy—so what went so horribly wrong? Inside The Storm: Lessons from the Boardroom interviews the people directly involved, uncovering the decisions and the mistakes that led to the collapse of the iconic company.

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