Segments in this Video

Branches of Social Psychiatry (05:55)


A social psychiatric disease is one experienced by multiple people. John Spiegel defines transference as patterns of rouge complementarity between patient and therapist. In most group interactions, the needs of the individual members stand out.

Group Processes (04:03)

Groups can support or hinder an individual's well-being and are a vehicle to achieve mental health objectives. In a family structure, each member possesses a specific role. In "Street Corner Society," William Foote Whyte observes Italian Americans in a slum.

Individual v. Group Identity (03:29)

Erich Lindemann discusses individual relationships between supporting and controlling members. The West End Study examines differences between working-class and middle-class groups.

Social Structure (02:55)

The mode of transmission of authority plays a tremendous role in urban renewal systems. Group process requires responsible participation of members. The Space Cadets examine the growth or retarding potential of a physical environment.

Closing Comments (03:31)

Dr. Lindemann discusses cultural diversity in child-rearing processes. Socialization occurs in all phases of life. Learning about the relationship between the formal leader and members is exciting.

Credits: Group Studies and Social Psychiatry (00:13)

Credits: Group Studies and Social Psychiatry

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Group Studies and Social Psychiatry

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This video features excerpts from lectures delivered in a 1965 seminar by the late Dr. Erich Lindemann, a pioneer in community psychiatry who surveyed the developing field of social psychiatry. The video focuses on studies of groups and group processes. It contains material of historical importance that has remained relevant to the mental health field.

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