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Introduction: Mother-Child Relations in Infancy (00:36)


Rene Spitz and Katherine Wolf create an experiment in which they will study the effect an infant's relationship to his or her mother has on shaping personality.

The Influence of Prenatal Conditions (06:52)

The child's external environment, even prior to birth, can affect how the child develops. Factors: include biology, psychology, and economics.

The Influence of the Mother's Conscious and Unconscious Wishes (10:56)

During the first year of life, a child will completely mold his or herself into the mother's perception. See how mothers treat their children on a regular basis and learn the effects it has on later behavior.

Credits: Shaping the Personality (00:00)

Credits: Shaping the Personality

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Shaping the Personality: The Role of Mother-Child Relations in Infancy

Part of the Series : René A. Spitz: Problems in Infancy
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This video features original silent footage from René Spitz's research on child development. It focuses on how the relationship between the child and mother influences the development of personality during the first year of life. Black & whilte.

Length: 19 minutes

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