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Introduction: Genesis of Emotions (00:36)


In this experiment, the psychologists will survey several infants and conduct studies on their grasping behavior. Researchers only include typical behavior of these children in their findings.

Pattern of Grasping (05:44)

In this section of the experiment, the researchers are surveying the stages of development linked with grasping and clutching reflexes. See footage of how the infants develop these skills and how they react to the testing.

Purpose of Grasping (06:52)

Researchers explain that children learn the skill of grasping to take hold of an object or to remove an impediment. See footage of how the psychologists go about testing these skills with the infants involved in the study.

Conclusion: Genesis of Emotions (01:21)

Researchers conclude the infants must develop this neuro-muscular pattern and an understanding of its relation to the outside world before it can master grasping. See footage of a young child demonstrating his mastery of grasping.

Credits: Grasping (00:01)

Credits: Grasping

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Part of the Series : René A. Spitz: Problems in Infancy
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This video features original silent footage from René Spitz's research on child development. It shows an infant lying on his back, grasping from a prone positing, and making movements in front of objects.

Length: 15 minutes

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