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Introduction: Function of the Brain (03:38)


Physiologist Ivan Petrovich Pavlov created the studies that will be shown in the following footage. Read about Pavlov's career and education before seeing several images of him at work.

Functions of the Brain (12:25)

The scientists take out a frog specimen and slice it into sections to demonstrate which nerves control certain reflexes. See footage of this experiment, as well as diagrams and written explanations of the researcher's findings.

Defense Reflexes (05:34)

Researchers observe a dog to understand its defense reflexes and salivation when eating. See footage of researchers conducting the experiment and a diagram of the conditioned reflex and motor and sensory areas within the dog.

Studying the Two Brain Centers (06:38)

The researchers found that when they stimulate both sides of the brain, they can create a temporary connection between both of those receptors. Researchers use electric shocks and acid to make two dogs use their defensive reflexes. Following the experiments, the dogs now react defensively at just the sound of the machinery or the sight of the test tube.

Conditioned Reflexes (06:21)

Researchers place food in front of the dog, just out of its reach, to see if it will salivate as a conditioned reflex. See footage of the dog's reaction to this test as well as the written explanation of the results found by the psychologists.

Establishing a Conditioned Reflex (04:01)

Researchers work to create a conditioned reflex within a monkey by using a metronome and colored disks to signal when the animal can eat a treat. See footage of the monkey behaving according to its conditioned reflexes.

Conditioned Reflexes in Humans (09:42)

Researchers hook children up with headgear to measure their salivation during several different experiments using varying stimuli. See footage of a child in an isolation booth as researchers work to make his responses conditioned through the use of food.

Credits: Function of the Brain (00:15)

Credits: Function of the Brain

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This video contains the original 1932 footage of Ivan Petrovich Pavlov's work on the behavior of animals and humans, prepared under his own direction.

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