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Introduction: Dialogue with Viktor Frankl (01:58)


Frankl created a unique approach to psychological treatment, Logo Therapy, and wrote many significant publications in the area of existential psychology.

Humans as Animals (05:24)

Frankl discusses similarities in personalities. He believes humans are essentially animals who are elevated to a higher dimension.

Frankl and Freud (05:14)

Frankl discusses well-known concepts in the field of psychology. He and Richard Evans discuss the Freudian theory of the unconscious. In concentration camps, it was moral to steal and give false testimony to save lives.

Biology in Psychology (06:06)

Carl Jung will often refer to the presence of archetypes when discussing the collective unconscious. Frankl believes there is a biological cause for archetypes. He believes the relationship between hate and aggression mirrors the relationship between love and sex.

Logo Psychology (08:21)

Frankl discusses behaviorism and the theories of B.F. Skinner. Consciousness is the result of a conditioning process; Frankl believes human dignity should be taken into consideration.

Teaching New Therapists (08:12)

Frankl considers the method he believes to be most effective when training new psychologists. New psychologists should be well versed in numerous types of therapy to choose the best methods for patients.

Criticisms of Viktor Frankl (04:57)

Frankl reflects on criticisms the bother him, and which contributions are the most significant. He believes the world will avert the threat of mutual, nuclear destruction.

Credits: Richard Evans' Dialogue with Viktor Frankl (00:52)

Credits: Richard Evans' Dialogue with Viktor Frankl

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Richard Evans' Dialogue with Viktor Frankl

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In this video discussion, psychologist Viktor Frankl explains where he differs and where he agrees with Freud, Jung, Adler, Lorenz, and Skinner. He discusses his concept of Logotherapy and considers meaning, humanism, altruism, and his unique concepts. Frankl also dicusses what he feels are his most important contributions and presents his reactions to criticism of his work.

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