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Maturity and Creativity (09:24)


Richard Evans and Rollo May discuss the concept of maturity; May believes maturity comes through a person attaining better empathy. Although he is a humanist and an existentialist, May does not believe humans can grow through simulated experiences such as classes or retreats.

Significant Contributions (08:48)

May asserts his belief that academic psychologists have avoided the concept of creativity within artistic and non-artistic people; he believes a new, broader form of psychology needs to be created to include this concept. May thinks creativity is an unexpected birth of something new, and that psychology should study unpredictable behavior like creativity and anxiety; he considers his most important contributions is he is a "renegade psychologist."

Critics (02:19)

May explains the criticisms that bother him the most are not his competitors, but instead are when critics deliver sloppy work that attacks May personally rather than professionally. He dislikes when critics write a review misinterpreting what his work is trying to say.

Future Plans (06:57)

May reports that he is working on a new book entitled "Anxiety and Values," which will focus on how values are becoming a more important part of society and how psychologists once underestimated the importance of values. May postulates if values become stronger in society, then the anxiety of people will be decreased; May also has plans to write a book on mythology and psychological integration.

Credits: Rollo May's Discussion With Richard Evans (00:40)

Credits: Rollo May's Discussion With Richard Evans

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Rollo May's Discussion With Richard Evans: Maturity and Creativity

Part of the Series : Notable Contributors to the Psychology of Personality
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In this video, Rollo May discusses ideas of maturity and creativity. He talks about his contributions to the psychology of personality and offers his reactions to his critics.

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