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Directors for Aggression Research (08:25)


Dr. Saul Rosenzweig, founder of the International Society for Research on Aggression, talks about the founding of this organization and who was involved in its formation. He goes on to give the complete history of the research program, focused on the study of aggression, which led to increased interest in this topic.

Credits: Saul Rosenzweig (00:55)

Credits: Saul Rosenzweig

The Development of the Rosenzweig Picture-Frustration Study (11:29)

Rosenzweig explains the program of aggression research, which was created by the founders of the institute, also helped him to build his picture-frustration study. He explains the difference between extrapunitive and intropunitive types, and how they were the basis of frustration theory and the concept of frustration tolerance; the test was adapted for several different nations after its development.

Credits: Saul Rosenzweig (00:56)

Credits: Saul Rosenzweig

Is Frustration Synonymous With Stress? (05:19)

Rosenzweig explains the distinction between stress and frustration and how he came about defining these terms within his work. He then explains how frustration tolerance works and how different people can handle it in various ways due to genetics or environment; he gives an overview of his research within the psychology of literature.

Credits: Saul Rosenzweig (05:31)

Credits: Saul Rosenzweig

At Harvard, Circa 1930 (08:33)

While working at Harvard University, Rosenzweig was able to do some work alongside Henry Murray who was also employed by the university at that time. Rosenzweig describes the development of the Thematic Apperception Test and the Picture-Frustration Study for which he is known.

Credits: Saul Rosenzweig (00:54)

Credits: Saul Rosenzweig

Early Experimentation on Experimentation (05:48)

Rosenzweig describes the subject of his first scientific paper, "The Experimental Situation as a Psychological Problem," and how he came about the idea while researching at Harvard University. He explains how he believed he had coined a term during this process, only to realize there were several closely defined words.

Credits: Saul Rosenzweig (00:25)

Credits: Saul Rosenzweig

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In this video interview, psychologist Saul Rosenzweig discusses his studies at Harvard in the 1930s, the development of his picture-frustration study, early experimentation on experimentation, and directions for aggression research. He also considers whether frustration is synonymous with stress.

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