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Meet Dr. Ernest Dichter (17:00)


Dr. Ernest Dichter, an important figure in the field of consumer psychology, explains how he got into this field of study and research. Dichter goes on to describe how he views marketing and how marketing research strategies were created while he was at the agency; he asserts the word "why" is to be avoided when conducting market research.

Credits: Credits: Ernest Dichter (00:60)

Credits: Ernest Dichter

The Future of Motivation Research (08:28)

Dichter believes that researchers of the future will become more aware of lifestyles and value systems when conducting surveys; he also believes future research will move away from pure questioning and will integrate more nonverbal communication and consider people's moods. He gives several more examples of how things are shifting in the industry, and why it is important for new methods and structures to continue being developed by market researchers.

Credits: Credits: Ernest Dichter (00:58)

Credits: Credits: Ernest Dichter

Ernest Dichter at Home (12:57)

Dichter shows the interviewer around his home including his indoor pool, his greenhouse, and sauna; they meet his wife in the kitchen. After looking over several artifacts Dichter has in his home, they move down into the focus group area and the research library.

Credits: Credits: Ernest Dichter (00:60)

Credits: Credits: Ernest Dichter

The Motivation of the Motivation Researcher (05:14)

Dichter intends to write a book chronicling his life's work tentatively titled, "Why Moses was a Flop" along with several other research projects he hopes to undertake in the future. He hopes that motivational researchers can one day pinpoint ways to make people avoid problems in society including smoking and selling drugs.

Credits: Credits: Ernest Dichter (00:60)

Credits: Credits: Ernest Dichter

On Psychology's Contribution to Marketing and Management (14:34)

Dichter discusses his book, "How Hot a Manager Are You?" and explains that when psychology is included in marketing research, the deeper meaning of products and services can be discovered and relayed to potential customers. He describes an example of how he conducted market research with Exxon. Dichter developed a method of projective testing with the intention of avoiding the introvert/extrovert categorizations.

Credits: Ernest Dichter (00:27)

Credits: Ernest Dichter

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This program features an interview with Ernest Dichter, considered to be the father of motivational research. Dichter discusses his motivation to research motivation, psychology's contributions to marketing and, and the future of motivation research.

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