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Drawing and Diagnostics: Part 1 (18:00)


Emmanuel F. Hammer begins his lecture by talking about the self-concept and the self-image and the impact it has on individuals. Hammer talks about a case study in which they had new patients draw certain images to assess their self-image.

Credits: Emmanuel F. Hammer (01:16)

Credits: Emmanuel F. Hammer

Introduction to Projective Drawings (17:08)

Hammer talks through the basics of beginning to analyze drawings in therapy and what the placement, size, and pressure of the images can communicate about a patient. He goes on to talk about how the validity of an experiment can be measured, and when to accept a clinical error has been made during a study.

Credits: Emmanuel F. Hammer (01:12)

Credits: Emmanuel F. Hammer

Drawing and Diagnostics: Part 2 (15:48)

Hammer shows a variety of images drawn by many of his male patients and discusses what he thinks this means about their view of masculinity. He then begins to share a dream had by a male patient and how he analyzed this dream as well as what a man's tie choices could mean about his sexuality.

Credits: Emmanuel F. Hammer (01:15)

Credits: Emmanuel F. Hammer

Expressions of Personality (11:59)

Hammer talks with the class about how people express their personality through art and comedy; he then goes on to discuss how the hypothesis of his projected drawing experiment should be altered. The next images he analyses are houses drawn by his patients; from these pictures, Hammer claims he can determine more about the patient's self-image.

Credits: Emmanuel F. Hammer (01:11)

Credits: Emmanuel F. Hammer

When the Seemingly Trivial is Not so Trivial (17:29)

In this section, Hammer discusses how clinicians and therapists base the crucial aspects of their patient's personality on their reactions in important rather than trivial situations. He argues, however, sometimes seemingly trivial situations can be more important in understanding a person's mental health; sometimes, according to Hammer, drawings are unnecessary to understand a patient's self-esteem in therapy.

Credits: Emmanuel F. Hammer (00:30)

Credits: Emmanuel F. Hammer

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This program features an interview with psychologist Emanuel F. Hammer, who researched the use of projective tests and art therapy to study creativity and criminality. He discusses expressions of personality and drawings and diagnostics.

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