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Assessment Centers: Then, Now, & Future (06:37)


Doug Bray does not believe the fundamental structure of the centers has changed. Bray talks about how the development of technology has changed and will continue to change the way patients are assessed in these centers.

Credits: Doug Bray (00:44)

Credits: Doug Bray

Father of the Managerial Assessment Center (03:20)

Bray talks about the history of his assessment work, pointing out his model is an innovative take on a study that took place during World War II. Bray talks about the book "The Assessment of Men" which influenced his research on behavior in real life situations instead of within tests.

Credits: Doug Bray (00:50)

Credits: Doug Bray

"Somewhat by Chance..." (01:21)

Bray describes the partnership his research team had with Michigan Bell, a telephone company, who thought their studies could be a great way for the company to pick foremen. These days, the government, military, and many businesses have used the management assessment center to choose employees.

Credits: Doug Bray (00:50)

Credits: Doug Bray

On Intelligence and Personality (04:38)

Bray discusses several testing methods that can be effective when assessing and choosing good managerial candidates. Bray talks about the difference between his idea of mental ability in contrast to Robert Sternberg's version; Bray discusses how people with leadership personality traits do not necessarily do well as managers.

Credits: Doug Bray (00:53)

Credits: Doug Bray

In the Military During World War II (03:25)

When Bray began his career in this research, he started by determining what candidates would make better airmen through the use of aptitude tests. He defines what tests the military would use in comparison to what his assessment centers now use.

Credits: Doug Bray (00:52)

Credits: Doug Bray

Pros and Cons of Assessment Centers (03:04)

Bray has been working with assessment centers for 32 years; he discusses the benefits and draw backs of using an assessment center.

Credits: Doug Bray (00:29)

Credits: Doug Bray

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In this program, Ronald Jay Cohen interviews industrial/organizational psychologist Doug Bray, who was the inventor of the Managerial Assessment Center that is widely used to identify key people for critical roles. They discuss intelligence and personality, the pros and cons of assessment centers, and the history and development of assessment centers.

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