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17.1 Language Functions (04:00)


Types of apologies include: apologizing for actions, on the spot apology, indirect apology, fake sorry, asking for an apology, and a detailed apology.

17.2 Grammar (02:18)

Examples of verbs that take infinitives include: want, seem, attempt, demand, expect, like, and love.

17.3 Idioms (03:35)

Learn the definition of several idioms. Examples include: "neck and neck," "get up on the wrong side of the bed," "turn a blind eye," "let it slide," and "break even."

17.4 Vocabulary (02:09)

Examples of vocabulary words include: annual report, nickname, abruptly, peace offering, response, and logical.

17.5 Pronunciation (01:51)

Examples of rhyming words include: better day/Sanjay/hey, bland/grand, never/ever, and dark/spark.

Credits: Apologizing: English at Work (00:18)

Credits: Apologizing: English at Work

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Learn to apologize appropriately, and to identify verbs that take the infinitive–"want," "seem," "attempt," "demand," "expect," "like" and "love."

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