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16.1 Language Functions (02:55)


Ways of expressing ideas and attitudes include: welcoming, proud and optimistic, open, supportive, sarcastic and blaming, and bullying.

16.2 Grammar (02:48)

Learn how to use the coordinating conjunctions and, or, so, and but.

16.3 Idioms (03:44)

Learn the definition of several idioms. Examples include: "talk down to," "give attitude," "the 11th hour," "all for," "stand up to someone," and "on the fast track."

16.4 Vocabulary (02:12)

Examples of vocabulary words include: confident, dazzle, proud, two-faced, working out, brilliant. mean, deep-seated, and blame.

16.5 Pronunciation (02:12)

Assimilation words often used in conversation include: gonna, wanna, and gotta.

Credits: Expressing Ideas and Attitudes: English at Work (00:17)

Credits: Expressing Ideas and Attitudes: English at Work

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Expressing Ideas and Attitudes: English at Work

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Understand and discuss ideas and attitudes, and improve your fluency using coordinating conjunctions—"and," "so," and "but."

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