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11.1 Language Functions (03:06)


Hear examples of resigned criticism, unfriendly criticism, personal criticism, and detailed complaints.

11.2 Grammar (02:15)

Learn how to express present perfect tense for periods of time. Examples include: for, in, and since.

11.3 Idioms (04:06)

Learn the definition of several idioms. Examples include: "out of line," "right off the bat," "dump on someone," "bring nothing to the table," "drive someone up the wall," "tear someone to shreds," and "for ages."

11.4 Vocabulary (02:01)

Examples of vocabulary words include: obviously, organized, complaints, lanyard, overheard, appalled, accountability, and wishy washy.

11.5 Pronunciation (01:59)

Learn the sound of "sh." Words with "sh" include: should, ship, shape, she, share, shoes, wishy washy, shall, showed, shreds, and English.

Credits: Complaining and Criticizing: English at Work (00:17)

Credits: Complaining and Criticizing: English at Work

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Complaining and Criticizing: English at Work

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Learn to recognize and express criticism and complaints, and to use the present perfect tense with periods of time.

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