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4.1 Language Functions (05:12)


Questions to learn information include: where/where's, when, who/who's, what/what's, why, how, and did/can. See six examples of rhetorical questions.

4.2 Grammar (04:54)

Closed questions include: did you, is that, did she, are you, and has he...? Concepts of open questions include: chatting, asking for details, clarifying, asking for opinions, and asking a loaded question. See six examples of statement questions.

4.3 Idioms (01:48)

Learn the definition of several idioms. Examples include: "what's with that," "go over something with a fine tooth comb," and "a big deal."

4.4 Vocabulary (02:27)

Examples of vocabulary words include: conference, a mess, responsibility, engagement, characteristics, eye contact, and who's/whose.

4.5 Pronunciation (01:08)

Intonation examples include: showing surprise, statements that are questions, being sarcastic, and showing anger.

Credits: Asking Questions: English at Work (00:16)

Credits: Asking Questions: English at Work

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Learn to ask for information, recognize rhetorical questions, and to use closed, open, and statement questions to get quality answers.

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