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2.1 Language Functions (04:09)


Learn words to help identify someone's location. Prepositions include: over by, next to, out of/in, at, and down.

2.2 Grammar (02:01)

Learn to identify present continuous tense—actions in progress. Scenarios include: Marcus, the Cutting Edge team, Barney and Carol, Casey and Sanjay, Carol, and Carlos and Barney.

2.3 Idioms (04:07)

Learn the definition of several idioms. Examples include: "outside your comfort zone," "fall into place," "under the weather," "up in the air," and "don't hold your breath."

2.4 Vocabulary (02:48)

Examples of vocabulary words include: action/reaction, ignore, trending, clients, hire/hired, and to/two/too.

2.5 Pronunciation (01:11)

Learn the sounds of the letters "s" and "sh."

Credits: Saying Where People Are: English at Work (00:17)

Credits: Saying Where People Are: English at Work

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Saying Where People Are: English at Work

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Learn the right preposition to say where people are, and to use the present continuous tense for actions in progress.

Length: 15 minutes

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