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Promoting Equality and Valuing Diversity (05:14)


Dr. Neil Thompson talks about the meaning of equality in modern society and why it is important. He defines diversity and its connection to equality.

Understanding Human Complexities (08:21)

The PCS Analysis (personal, cultural, and structural) is a framework that Dr. Thompson uses to understand the complexities of discrimination and equality in the modern world.

Discrimination Within Culture (11:02)

Thompson discusses the cultural level; no one lives outside of a cultural context whether it be an organization, profession, religion, nation, or regional culture.

Social Divisions (05:53)

Structural circumstances can impact society; not everyone is born on a level playing field. Where a person is born gives him or her advantages or disadvantages.

Conclusion (01:59)

Thompson emphasizes three key points about equality and diversity—issues can be emotionally challenging, the price is high for mismanagement, and avoid oversimplifying the issues.

Credits: Dr. Neil Thompson on PCS Analysis (00:29)

Credits: Dr. Neil Thompson on PCS Analysis

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Equality and Diversity - Dr. Neil Thompson on PCS Analysis

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This video lecture is designed to help individuals in "people professions" appreciate the complexities of discrimination and learn to promote equality and value diversity. Dr. Neil Thompson discusses his PCS model (personal, cultural, structural) as an approach to understanding discrimination.

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