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Perspective of Twin Boys (02:46)


Roman calls Nyro "Bubby" or "Gege," which means big brother in Chinese. The twins live in Nashville, Tennessee with their two fathers. This video will explore their family's life from the twin's perspective.

Daddy: Desmond Child (02:25)

Child wrote "I was Made for Loving You," "Livin' La Vida Loca," "You Give Love a Bad Name," and "I Hate Myself for Loving You." Roman and Nyro play multiple instruments. Child wants his children to become musicians and artists.

Papa: Curtis Shaw (02:30)

Shaw calls himself "daddy-mom." Roman and Nyro share stories of how they came into the world.

Mother: Angela Whittaker (04:05)

Whittaker makes a video journal while acting as a surrogate. The doctor does not allow the candle lighting ceremony to continue during insemination. Hear how Shaw and Whittaker met.

Becoming a Surrogate Mother (02:20)

Whittaker recalls dreaming she would carry Shaw and Child's progeny. After returning to the United States, she agrees to become their surrogate.

Family Life (05:15)

Shaw and Child have been together for 22 years. There are many types of families and each experiences obstacles and challenges. Joe Marfy recalls meeting Elena Casals at a movie theater in Venezuela.

Mother/Son Relationship (02:41)

Child discusses swearing would take care of his mother and struggling with being a homosexual. During the 1960s, he realizes he wants to become a rock star. Marfy confesses that he is Child's father.

Shaw's Upbringing (06:01)

Shaw recalls feeling suffocated while growing-up in Missouri as a gay man. Moving to New York City helps him find himself. Mary Ann Shaw describes learning her son is homosexual.

Surrogate Pregnancy (04:31)

Whittaker reassesses her involvement with the children she will birth. Shaw and Child use an egg donor as well as a surrogate. Whittaker calls to let Shaw and Child know their two children will be boys.

Accepting Surrogacy? (03:00)

Ken and Ruby Whittaker share their thoughts about Whittaker's decision to become a surrogate. Whittaker reassesses her involvement with the children she will birth and manages her family's reaction.

Birth of Roman and Nyro (10:17)

Whittaker shares a letter she wrote to the two boys the night before their birth. Deepak Chopra sends two gold coins in celebration. Whittaker undergoes a C-section. Elizabeth Schwartz discusses legal challenges with the hospital.

Celebrating Parenthood (04:21)

Whittaker explains how Shaw and Child wanted her to have a relationship with the twin boys. The fathers organize a blessing for their sons. Jon Bon Jovi speaks at the ceremony.

Whittaker's Marriage (03:12)

Manuel Umo describes his initial confusion about the Shaw-Child family, having never met a non-traditional family unit. Whittaker marries Umo on the beach; Roman and Nyro read the butterfly Indian legend at the wedding.

Whittaker's Second Pregnancy (04:32)

Whittaker discovers the fetus is non-viable and realizes she does not need to have a biological child. Mother and father are roles that do not require a specific gender. Mary Ann tries to educate others on homosexuality and parenthood.

Gay Marriage (03:56)

Shaw and Child discuss their spirituality; DNA controls thinking and feeling. The Shaw-Child family visits Washington DC. The couple flew to California to wed but are thwarted by an edict from President Bush.

Activism (02:42)

Shaw and Child are "screaming" soccer dads and are accepted by their community. Valeria Marfy shares how close she is to her stepson. Child speaks at the Aid's Memorial Quilt Ceremony.

Family Dynamics (02:31)

Shaw, Child, and Whittaker discuss what they want Roman and Nyro to understand. Love makes a family. Shaw and Child legally marry in New York City in 2013.

Credits: Two: The Story of Roman and Nero (03:25)

Credits: Two: The Story of Roman and Nero

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Two: The Story of Roman and Nyro

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Combining over twelve years of footage and narrated by their twin sons, this film follows legendary songwriter Desmond Child and his lifelong partner in their journey toward parenthood. After 24 years together, the couple decided to start a family, and to put their full story on display so that other gay couples can learn what is involved and what is possible.

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