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Introduction: Firearm Safety (04:52)


Actors, directors, producers, prop technician, or stage manager need to be aware of firearm safety and observe proper protocol. This episode will explore how guns work, its history, tests, sound balance, weapon cleaning, and storage. Small bullets can travel up to 3/4 of a mile.

Part One: How Guns Work (02:03)

Bob Chambers reviews bullets, powder, shells, and primers. In blanks, paper wadding travel up the barrel.

Part Two: History of Firearms (06:26)

Firearms started appearing in the 15th century. Chambers traces its history from the matchlock to the semi-automatic handgun. Topics include flintlock, wheel lock, cap and ball revolver, percussion cap, centerfire cartridges, and machine guns.

Part Three: Safety Tests (06:53)

Chambers demonstrates checking for load status, discharge pattern, penetration, in various gun models; adjust action accordingly. Construction blanks are much stronger than conventional theater blanks. Wadless blanks are plastic and an improvement.

Part Four: Sound Considerations (11:00)

Position the firearm upstage from the actor. Collectors Armory possesses prop guns that look identical to the actual firearm. Chambers describes the importance of using reproductions prop guns with amateur actors rather than baffled weapons.

Part Five: Weapon Cleaning (01:21)

Chambers describes how to properly clean, care, and store a weapon. Barrels need to be cleaned after each performance.

Part Six: Safety Guidelines (05:15)

Critical points include actors have the right to load the gun, do not leave on the prop table, and should remain locked up unless needed immediately. Load all chambers in the cylinder and check local and regional laws. Aim up or downstage of the person being shot.

Credits: Firearm Safety Onstage (00:51)

Credits: Firearm Safety Onstage

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This video clearly demonstrates essential safety measures for using America's most deadly prop - a gun.  Explaining that even blanks are not automatically safe, gun and theater special effects expert Robert B. Chamberse teaches actors and technicians to properly use guns onstage. He discusses how guns work, talks about their history, shows how to perform safety checks, and teaches proper cleaning procedures. The video also considers sound issues and offers guidelines for safely using guns on stage.

Length: 40 minutes

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