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Sledgehammer Theater (04:09)


This episode will follow the lighting design process from inception to performance. David Cuthbert chose the production because it uses old equipment and the theatre has difficult scaffolding. The Greek Oresteia Trilogy inspired "Furious Blood."

Production Calendar (03:36)

Cuthbert read the script several times to know the story and devise lighting schemes. Kristen Brandt describes her vision for the lighting. Designers watch several run-throughs of the rehearsal process.

Production Meetings (03:02)

The design team discusses schedules and concepts several times before technical rehearsals begin. Locations in the script included an altar, a tent in the desert, a Jacuzzi, steps, and a location for the furies.

Fear of the Blank Stage (05:23)

Cuthbert tries to envision his perfect lighting design while accommodating the limitations of the stage and inventory list. Create a "Things List" of possible light systems then begin a lighting plot using CAD or hand-drafting.

"Hang of the Show (06:26)

In small theaters, the lighting designer leads the crew during the hang and focus. Each instrument needs a home run cable to the dimmer back. Cuthbert describes his lighting first aid kit.

Paper Tech (04:32)

Brandt, Cuthbert, and the stage manager discuss where each lighting change will occur. Magic sheets create basic looks for each scene; technical rehearsals begin for "Furious Blood." Cuthbert discusses the lighting scenarios he decided to implement.

"Furious Blood" Opening Night (04:08)

Watch scenes from the premiere performance. Cuthbert describes reasons behind specific choices and advocates aspiring lighting designers read "The Dramatic Imagination."

Credits: Conducting Light on a Shoestring (00:34)

Credits: Conducting Light on a Shoestring

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This "Experts in Action" video follows professional lighting designer David Lee Cuthbert through his design process from initial ideas to the final production of the award winning Sledgehammer Theatre in San Diego. It shows how to bring light to the stage within the confines of limited space and budget.

Length: 33 minutes

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