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Utah Shakespearean Festival (06:00)


This video will follow the fight choreography of "Romeo and Juliet." David Boushey has been the fight director at the festival in Cedar City for years. Tony Schmitt wanted a physical spectacle to the initial fight that foretells Mercutio's death.

Design Concerns (02:51)

Boushey meets with Ron Ramson and Rosemary Ingham to discuss potential design issues.

First Rehearsal (08:31)

Boushey begins rehearsals with Harris Smith and Tom Elliott. Most fight directors teach different fencing measures; Boushey insists on six inches. The actors walk through the choreography and will gradually increase speed.

Second Week of Fight Rehearsal (03:50)

Boushey wants fights to be spectacles, further the plot, and make a strong statement about the characters; safety is essential. Smith and Elliott rehearse the scene and provide feedback on how it can be adapted.

Introduction of Guards (02:55)

Mark Lyons and Andrew Jett join the rehearsals. Boushey adds the guards to the fight choreography.

Third Week of Fight Rehearsals (03:19)

Boushey rehearses with the actors. Realism will not occur in the same way in theater as in film. Live audiences do not need to see the blood and gore.

Last Week of Fight Rehearsals (04:03)

Romeo mentioned concerns about changing the fight choreography so Boushey made it more "down and dirty." Harris will become fight captain after the fight director leaves. Watch the scene.

Credits: The Stage Fight Director (00:39)

Credits: The Stage Fight Director

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Actors don't usually arrive onstage knowing how to perform fake fights.  This video follows master combat choreographer David Boushey through several weeks of rehearsals for a rousing production of Romeo and Juliet at the Tony Award winning Utah Shakespearean Festival. It highlights how he and his actors turn the printed text into the thrill of theater.

Length: 33 minutes

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