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Sexual Orientation (01:22)


People develop sexual feelings and attractions after passing through puberty. Understanding one's sexuality can be confusing.

Don't Pretend to Be Someone You're Not (03:55)

Lisa knows she is different from many of her girlfriends, but suppresses her feelings and becomes depressed. She talks with the school counselor and decides to be open about her sexuality. See a list of discussion questions.

Build a Support Team (03:20)

Brittany asks Sam to the dance and he tells her he will think about it. His friends tease him about being gay and others bully him; Sam builds a support system. See a list of discussion questions.

A Straight Ally (02:11)

Being gay can be challenging and confusing. James is straight but has gay and lesbian friends; accept people for who they are. See a list of discussion questions.

Credits: Gay, Straight, and Accepted (01:05)

Credits: Gay, Straight, and Accepted

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Gay, Straight, and Accepted

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Life can get confusing for adolescents when they begin to develop sexual attractions. Through the perspective of straight teenagers, we meet students coming to terms with how they feel and dealing with the anxiety of "coming out." Noel became extremely depressed because she did not know how to deal with being a lesbian. We meet Sam, who is a victim of homophobic harassment. He overcomes the bullying by building a support team. In the end, students will realize that sexual orientation should not be isolating.

Length: 13 minutes

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