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Tragic Movement of Othello (17:17)


This episode will examine the tragic movement of Othello and why the play is a tragedy. Iago notices the friendship between Desdemona and Cassio and decides to use it. Othello believes he must kill Desdemona because it is just; the handkerchief exonerates Cassio and Desdemona.

Othello as a Tragic Figure (02:39)

Othello is a noble figure, who suffers a reversal of fortune, and recognizes the consequences of his actions. The audience is moved to pity and fear. Othello changes from a decent man to being blinded by jealousy.

Credits: Othello as a Tragedy (00:43)

Credits: Othello as a Tragedy

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Othello as a Tragedy

Part of the Series : Standard Deviants School Shakespeare Series
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It's "Othello: Behind the Scenes." Get ready for intriguing in-depth insights into Iago, daring diatribes on that delightful do-gooder Desdemona, and overwhelming, on-the-money observations of Othello. The Standard Deviants delve deep into the psyches of these super scene-stealers.

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