Titles in this Series

Alphabet / Pronunciation

Item #: 155204

Capitalization and Accents

Item #: 155205

Numbers and Counting

Item #: 155206

Greetings and Small Talk

Item #: 155207

Articles and Pronouns

Item #: 155208

Ser and Estar

Item #: 155209

Time and Date

Item #: 155210


Item #: 155211

Descriptive Adjectives

Item #: 155212

Demonstrative Adjectives

Item #: 155213

Present Indicative

Item #: 155214

Tener and Querer

Item #: 155215

Possessive Adjectives

Item #: 155216

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Standard Deviants School is an educational and entertaining lesson-based learning supplement developed from the award-winning Standard Deviants teaching style. Written to meet state educational standards, each video video is clearly organized by lesson topic and includes full classroom performance rights. Standard Deviants School will capture your students' attention and make your classroom come alive!

Length: 174 minutes

Item#: BVL155203

Copyright date: ©2004

Reviews & Awards

Standard Deviants TV is one of the “Top 10 New Shows for Kids.” —TV Guide 2000 Parents’ Choice Recommended Winner

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Prices include public performance rights.

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