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The Kidneys: Introduction (02:14)


Kidneys regulate the composition of the interstitial fluid and filter waste products.

Release Mechanisms (03:08)

Perspiration releases water and mineral salts from our skin. Our lungs expel water vapor along with carbon dioxide. Diarrhea and urine eject waste products from our bodies.

Workings (04:32)

Kidneys regulate the composition of liquids within a human body and expel waste products. Ureters carry urine to the bladder. Learn how nephrons, capillaries, and glomerulus work collaboratively to filter the blood.

Water Balance (02:34)

Mineral salts can form kidney stones causing extreme pain. In renal failure, an artificial kidney filters the blood, imitating the work.

Access to Summary (02:17)

Kidneys regulate the composition of liquids and expel waste products. Learn how nephrons, capillaries, glomerulus work to filter the blood. Mineral salts can form kidney stones. In renal failure, hemodialysis imitates the work.

Credits: The Kidneys (00:39)

Credits: The Kidneys

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The Kidneys

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The kidneys are the cleansing organs of the human body. Learn how the kidneys work and the role of nephrons. Also discussed: kidney dialysis.

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