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How Is A Human Being Formed? - Introduction (01:46)


Human beings create other individuals through sexual reproduction. A female ovum must unite with spermatozoa, which is produced in the testicles.

Fertilization (01:51)

Hundreds of millions of spermatozoa are deposited in a woman's vagina during ejaculation. Only one spermatozoon penetrates the ovum, losing its tail in the process. The fertilized cell starts dividing itself and forms an embryo.

Development (05:07)

The embryo forms arms and legs at approximately four weeks old. The placenta is connected to the embryo through two arteries and a vein through the umbilical cord. Trace the development of the fetus until childbirth.

Birth (02:51)

The child passes through the dilated uterus. The mother expels the placenta after the child has been born and the umbilical cord is severed. One in every thirty children is born breech.

Credits: How Is A Human Being Formed? (00:38)

Credits: How Is A Human Being Formed?

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How Is a Human Being Formed?

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How are human beings created? Beginning with the ovum and sperm, learn about the human embryo and its development. Topics include: male and female reproductive organs, zygote, cellular division, and the growth of the fetus leading up to birth.

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