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How Boats Work (04:10)


The first ships were made of tree trunks and used small sails. The principle of Archimedes explains flotation. Energy from human power, wind, or steam is necessary to move a boat.

Different Kinds of Ships (03:37)

The three main uses of boats throughout history are fishing, warfare, and transportation. Transatlantic cruise liners are the largest passenger ships. Tanker ships transport cargo.

Marine Innovations (02:32)

Hydroplane development started at the same time as airplanes. Hovercrafts can move over land and water.

Summary (01:14)

The first canoes and rafts were built 20,000 years ago. Boats float by displacing water greater than their weight. Ships are used for fishing and transportation.

Credits: Sea Transport (00:47)

Credits: Sea Transport

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This program covers the story of ships through time, their function, and and their purpose. Topics include: triangular sails, how ships function, the Principle of Archimedes, the first propellers, different types of vessels, and recent marine inventions such as hydrofoils and hovercrafts.

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