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History of Transportation (04:23)


Transportation systems are an important part of civilization. The Ancient Romans built numerous roadways to travel throughout the empire. Most roads fell into disrepair until the use of motorized transportation increased.

Motorways (02:15)

Motorways were designed for high-speed traffic and first built in the 1920s. Motorways provide faster and safer travel compared to traditional roads.

Urban Traffic (02:43)

The first highway code to establish rules for traffic was created in 1903. The codes make traffic lights and signs similar throughout the world.

Automation (01:23)

Most modern traffic control systems are automated. Air traffic control is important to the safety and operation of airports and ports.

Summary (02:31)

The Romans built an extensive system of roads. Modern roads needed new materials to accommodate motorized vehicles. Automation has made sea and air travel safer.

Credits: How Is Traffic Organized? (00:47)

Credits: How Is Traffic Organized?

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Learn about transportation’s development throughout history, beginning with the invention of the wheel. Topics include: Roman roadways and their history, urban traffic, highway code, pavements, traffic lights, and traffic control.

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