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History of Airplanes (02:30)


Mankind has been developing methods of flight for centuries. Airplanes are the most effect method of air travel.

Wings (01:54)

Wings allow airplanes to fly using air pressure. Wings were first made of wood and canvas. Modern wings are designed using computerized systems and a mixture of building materials.

Takeoff (03:04)

Pilots and engineers check airplanes before takeoff to make sure everything is in order. Air flow pushes the tail downward and the plane leaves the ground.

Landing (02:11)

Pilots must greatly reduce the speed of an airplane before landing. Modern planes have retractable landing gear. Pilots are tested on landing using flight simulators.

Summary (02:15)

The first flying machines were designed during the Renaissance. The first successful airplane was built in the 20th century. Airplanes use air flow and pressure to fly.

Credits: How Does an Airplane Work? (00:47)

Credits: How Does an Airplane Work?

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How Does an Airplane Work?

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Since the beginning of time, humankind has envied a bird’s ability to fly. Learn about Leonardo da Vinci’s flying machines, modern-day planes and rapid transport, and the history and essential elements of wings.

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