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History of Glass (06:18)


Glass is an important part of everyday life and essential to many fields and industries. Glass is made from melting silica with other substances. Silica is the principle competent of sand, clay, and rock.

Glass Applications (03:35)

Glass is versatile. Its use in optics has led to advancements in telescopes and microscopes. Safety glass helps prevent windshields from shattering.

The Future of Glass (02:33)

The use of glass increased in the 19th century. Fiber optics are flexible glass filaments that can transport information through cables. They are more effective in communication than cooper wire cables.

Summary (02:59)

Glass is created by melting silica and has been manufactured since ancient times. New uses for glass continue to be discovered.

Credits: Glass (02:24)

Credits: Glass

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How is glass obtained, and what would the world be like without it? Learn about the properties and uses of glass, including its application to optics; its uses in science development and in our homes; and its future applications.

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