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Civil Engineering History (05:16)


Civil engineering is the design and construction of the physical environment in civilizations. Early humans used civil engineering to build bridges from natural materials. Canals and storage systems transported water to dry places.

Bridges (02:30)

Bridges were built from rope and wood until the Roman Empire popularized the use of stone. Bridge building techniques advanced slowly until the Industrial Revolution; the use of other materials, such as steel and concrete, increased.

Roads and Motorways (02:00)

The first modern motorways were built in Germany shortly before World War II. The concept was quickly adapted throughout the world.

Ports and Airports (01:40)

Ports are used for shipping, passenger boats, and military purposes. The building of airports has increased with the frequency of air travel.

Polders and Canals (01:58)

A polder is a low-laying tract of land enclosed to keep water off. Canals are man-made waterways that link bodies of water.

Tunnels and Railways (01:54)

In 1994, a tunnel underneath the English Channel connected England to mainland Europe. Railways and subways make daily transportation faster and easier.

Other Infrastructures (02:59)

Civil engineers build electric, water, and sewer networks. Hydroelectric stations can turn energy generated from water into electricity. Technological advancements require new infrastructure networks.

Credits: Civil Engineering (02:21)

Credits: Civil Engineering

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Civil Engineering

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In this program, we will explore the advances in civil engineering throughout human history. Topics include: irrigation channels of the River Nile, Petra, Roman architecture and roads, Hadrian’s Wall, the Great Wall of China, and Incan roads. Bridges, freeways, airports, canals, tunnels, railways, and other civil engineering infrastructures are also introduced.

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