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Forces that Govern Our Universe: Introduction (01:22)


There are four kinds of fundamental forces permanently at play in our universe. These forces govern the behavior of atomic and subatomic particles. They also explain the movement, development, and evolution of bodies in our universe.

Gravitational Force (03:06)

Albert Einstein explained that gravity is not a force, but an effect of the curvature of space and time in his General Theory of Relativity. Sir Isaac Newton explained why bodies on Earth tend to fall toward the center of the planet in his Law of Gravity.

Electromagnetic Force (03:29)

Scottish scientist James Clerk Maxwell demonstrated that magnetism and electricity are different aspects of the same electromagnetic force. Electromagnetism’s most important role in nature is to keep orbiting electrons united to the nuclei of atoms.

Nuclear Forces (02:27)

All bodies that exist in the cosmos consist of atoms. An atom’s nucleus is made of neutrons and protons; nuclear force holds them together. The energy produced by these forces is that which generates the light and warmth of our sun.

Summary (02:25)

This segment reviews the concepts of forces that govern our universe discussed in this video.

Credits: Forces that Govern Our Universe (00:40)

Credits: Forces that Govern Our Universe

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Forces that Govern Our Universe

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Everything that happens in the universe is governed by four different kinds of forces. Learn about the force of gravity and the contributions of Albert Einstein and Sir Isaac Newton, electromagnetic and nuclear forces and James Clerk Maxwell.

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